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Essential Knowledge Before Booking


The following gives you information concerning:

schedule, conduct, accommodation, diet, financing Satipanya,

the Treasurer's appeal  and How to Book.

There is a lot to digest. Please take you time.

If you have been before to Satipanya, it is worth reading over it again.


Everyday Schedule for the Mahasi Courses.

These are structured courses of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. It is a challenging course, as you will see from the Schedule, but this can be easily modulated.
It is very important to try and follow the course right through to its completion. Absolute beginners have completed a week's course and found it very fruitful.

Daily Schedule for Weeklong and longer courses

Please note: courses run by other teachers and/or covering other teachings may run to different schedules.

Regular Weekend Schedule

Why stay till the end of the course?

People may have all sorts of reasons for not staying for the full course. They may have plausible reasons to leave early. Even so either they should not come or determine to stay.

Firstly group creates an atmosphere of support. It is selfish to take only what one wants. Others need our support as we do theirs. It can be discouraging to see people leave, often without being able to say goodbye because of the rules of silence. As the group loses members so does its energy lessen. This is more evident when the group is small. There it is a responsibility, driven by metta/care, not to abandon a group.

Secondly, this entails developing the Parami, the Perfection, of honesty. Part of this virtue is that one completes a commitment save in extraordinary circumstance or emergency. Keeping to our word is necessary in any walk of life, let alone for spiritual development.
Thirdly, a course is designed to be completed. There are exercises at the end which help vipassana insights be translated into relationships and daily life.

Please, do not apply if you do not have the intention to stay the course.

Our Code of Conduct

The Training Rules and all the other requests concerning behaviour need to be seen as basic requirements to establish the necessary atmosphere and conditions for spiritual growth.

The tenor of Satipanya takes the Monastic Code (vinaya) as its model.
You will have no difficulty with our way of life so long as you come with the clear intention to study yourself and not to disturb.

Basic Moral Code and Rules of Training

We understand that newcomers may find this sort of 'regime' difficult and that it may take a little time to adjust.



At present we have four single room and three double rooms.
Most beds are wall-beds that fold up during the day so that the bedroom becomes a comfortable sitting room.

Up to eight meditators can stay at any one time.

Further extensions have been made that have expanded on our facilities. We have just one more building to go up for further accommodation. Please see Grand Appeal for further information.



Note from Trustees:

We feel there are compelling reasons to reduce the use of animal products.

Even though the Buddha himself made no ruling as to the consumption of animal products, he made it clear that animals suffer.

These days added to the suffering of animals in factory farming, is the hunger of human-beings, an estimated one billion, which could be alleviated, should arable land no longer be used for meat, milk and cheese.

Furthermore, the production of CO2 from production, methane from digestion and nitrous oxide from manure is the second biggest source of global warming gases - 18% compared to 13.5% caused by transport.

Therefore, the centre will reduce its dependence on animal products. Satipanya will not be providing milk, cheese, eggs or any products containing these.
We will, of course, be providing a full, nutritionally rich diet as normal.

Retreatants are, however, free to bring any vegetarian items themselves to be shared with the group.


We are willing to try to accommodate meditators with simple food allergies.
Please tell us of any allergy in advance so we can make the necessary preparations.


D A N A - Generosity

How Satipanya is financed.

We follow the ancient tradition of Dana : an economy based on generosity.
This means that apart from a booking fee, there are no set fees, as we want retreatants to be able to come on retreat and learn about meditation and Buddhism, regardless of their financial situation.

Everything you receive at the centre has already been funded by the generosity of others.

There is, therefore, no need to 'pay' for anything.

So whatever you give will be for the benefit of others.

After your stay, you can determine how much you wish to support others in their practice.

We ask you to take on responsibility for the financial welfare of Satipanya
and give what your means will allow you.

The Satipanya Buddhist Trust's independently examined financial accounts provide details of the charity's annual running costs. See the Charity Commission website – on the home page select Find Charities, enter the Satipanya Buddhist Trust in the search box, click and then select the registered charity. On the Satipanya page select 'view accounts', which should provide links to the accounts from 2008.

If you are in employment, please give as generously as you can. This will help cover the costs of those wishing to attend who may not be able to offer very much.

The best way to support Satipanya is a bank mandate, no matter how small. This assures us of a regular income and allows us to plan for the future.

If you are a UK tax payer you might wish to make a Gift Aid declaration, which would enable Gift Aid to be claimed whether on a one off donation or a standing order.

The Benefits of Dana - Generosity

Generosity brings joy to the heart.

Increases our love for the other.

Expresses our compassion to help someone to be free of suffering.

Selfless giving unburdens the heart of attachment and possessiveness.

To give unconditionally of time and wealth is itself a path to liberation.


Satipanya converts your financial gift into the gift of the Dhamma to all who ask for it.

Treasurer’s Appeal

We have done amazingly well since the Trust was established in 2003 and it is more and more supportive of a strong meditative atmosphere. In all, over the past eleven years, in excess of £700,000 has been raised. All praise to our donors!

The last part of the development of the centre, the annexe of 8 rooms, will be started hopefully summer 2016. The build will need about £200,000. This will include solar panels and ground source heating which will go a long way to reduce running costs

Running Costs

This means that we shall be able to accommodate up to 10 retreatants in their own room. Even so, such are all the growing running costs, the centre still needs to raise the equivalent of  £35 per person per night to cover expenses.

Mandates are the backbone of our finances.

Do remember even a small regular monthly gift of even £1 is a worthy gift.

There are now around 90 plus mandates and this with Gift Aid rebate is the principle source of income for enhancing the property. The income from retreats covers the running costs with a little to spare.

It would be our ambition to have all the work done and dusted by 2017 when we could also celebrate Bhante’s seventieth birthday.

We want to thank you for your generous and continuing support.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any further details about financing the project.

Wishing you a safe journey!

Mike Regan
Treasurer on behalf of the Trustees.


How to Book

When you book your retreat at Satipanya, you are asked to pay a deposit of £10 for every night of the retreat as a token of your commitment.

This covers our most basic costs only and is non-refundable.

If we are unable to offer you a place, we will email to ask you if you want to be placed on the Waiting List.

If we do have a place, you will receive an invoice from Paypal for an amount of £10 x by the number of nights you stay.

When you receive the PayPal email, please click on the link that will be provided. This will take you to the secure PayPal website, where you can pay by credit or debit card.

You do not need to be signed up to PayPal to pay this way.

Please note: We no longer accept cheques or Internet Banking for deposits.

Of course, it costs far more than £10 a night per person to maintain Satipanya and a further donation from you will help us keep the centre flourishing for years to come.

The centre has been made possible through the generous donations of literally hundreds of people. When you come, please do ask about our finances and projects and how you can support the centre.

Please Note: You need to pay your deposit within 2 weeks, or you will be moved to the waiting list and then you will need to recheck that a place is still available if you decide later on that you do want to go ahead with this retreat.

And Finally

What to Bring

Once you have digested all this information, please fill in the Application Form and submit.

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If you continue to have difficulty submitting the form, please email Marion:                            And say what course you want to apply for. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Should you not get an acknowledgement with three days, please leave a phone message on 0044 (0) 1588 650 752

And don't forget to find out how to Get to Satipanya.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this!

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