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Ayya Puññyanandi (Noirin) writes this Newsbyte

Essay below:
 “I Don’t Like Mondays - Brahma-Vihara S.O.S!
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I’ve been staying at Satipanya since the beginning of May – a lovely time of year here. In contrast to the photos Bhante showed last month, we have had many glorious days and spring has definitely arrived in the flower beds and meadows – see photos below.

A pair of duck have taken an interest in the pond but so far are camera-shy! However the wasps who decided to call the boot-shed home didn’t object to me taking a photo of their nest, which had been spotted by a vigilant retreatant . We called in Andy (our gardener), who removed it stealthily after dark when there was no waspish activity, and put it in a jam-jar for re-settling in the wild.

Bhante’s 70th birthday: Springtime now and meadows blooming, but in a few short months it will be winter again, and so a small group of us got together a while ago to work out how to celebrate Bhante’s 70th birthday which falls on 8th January next year.

Amongst other things, we’re planning a pan-Europe meditation day on 8th Jan, culminating in an on-line Dhamma talk and Skype-based birthday party! We hope to gather sufficient donations to cover the cost of Bhante’s planned pilgrimage to Japan next year, and also to purchase as a birthday gift a life-size granite Parinibbana Buddha Statue to lie by the banks of the new pond in the far paddock. Just this month we launched our website which gives all the information and tells you how to make donations. Please visit https://satipanyacelebration.wordpress.com  and  email us at SatipanyaCelebration@gmail.com if you wish to get involved.

On line course: My next on-line course will be starting this month. This year the focus is on cultivating goodwill, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity (the Brahma Vihara) in daily life and in meditation practice. The course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators. It will run for 5 weeks and is open to anyone booking a retreat at Satipanya this year. A second course will start in October. See the essay below to answer a Brahma Vihara SOS call! 

To register or for further information contact me at noirinsheahan@gmail.com

Finally, some changes have been made in preparation for building the new dormitory block which Bhante hopes will start in earnest over the summer.  The library and the tool-shed are now empty and out of use. These will be removed in early June, and the foundations for the new block will be laid where these now stand. Once the building starts in earnest, the area will be screened off, so the disturbance to retreatants will be minimal.

Photo of Grounds  21 May : With Satipanya being 300m above sea-level, cowslips come late, the more welcome for it. And a wasps nest – not quite so welcome!


­Karuna Book: Every morning at puja we call the names of those who a sick /dying or having a hard time. 

Mudita Book: Every evening at puja we call the names of those who have something to rejoice about.

The Complete Calendar for 2016
Assistants Needed
N.B. All the courses are serviced by assistants.
As an assistant, we do not expect payment of the deposit because you have kindly offered your time.
And as usual any dana by you is entirely in your gift.
However, your commitment is essential, for the course would be very difficult to run without an assistant and may indeed have to be cancelled.

If you are interested, follow this link: Course Assistant

For info. about Retreats and teachers see website www.satipanya.org.uk
See drop down menus: especially About Us, Teachings and Retreats

Would you like to come and assist on a course?
Scroll down to see where we need you.

All Retreats run by Bhante Bodhidhamma
unless otherwise stated.
Click on names for bio.

Mahasi Weeklong Retreat
Places Available
Noirin Sheahan
Assistant :Wendy Harvey
Sat. 18 – Sun. 26 June
The usual schedule and format – see website.


Summer Mahasi Retreat
Places Available
Bhante Bodhidhamma
Assistants : Need may arise
Eleven week roll-on, roll-off Retreat.
Minimum stay eight nights.
Start dates: Saturdays:-
02 & 16 & 30 July; 13 & 27 Aug. 10 Sept.
Finishing Sun. 18  Sept
N.B. Start restricted to listed Saturdays.

Alternate Sun. possible for Mahasi devotees.
A challenging Retreat easily modified for beginners.
See Beginner’s Testimonials on website.
You are encouraged to stay for more than one week.

Assistants : Needed possibly
Starting and ending on following Saturday.

02 – 16 July Assistant : Matthias Wicki
16 July – 30 July : Assistant : John MacDougall
30 July – 13 August : Assistant : Ulla Mergen
13 – 27 August: Assistant :  Adeline Defrance
27 August – 10 September: Assistant : Adeline Defrance
10 – 18 (Sunday) September: Assistant : Dea Pardisos

Sangha Day : Ninth Anniversary
Saturday 17 September
Assistant : Needed
Please bring veggie food to join us for communal lunch at noon.
Ceremony starts 13.30
Talk: To be announced.

Mahasi Two Week Retreat
Places Available
Sat. 24 Oct.  – Sun. 09 October
Noirin Sheahan
Preference given to those who want to stay two weeks.
Assistant : Therese Caherty
The usual schedule and format – see website.

Day Retreat
Saturday 15 October
Assistant :
Yatin Mistry

Local Assistant : Appreciated!
Carl Fooks
 Kick Start/Top up
Arrive 09.30. Finish 17.00
Please bring food to share.

Weekend Retreat 
Places Available
Fri. 21 – Sun. 23 p.m. October
Carl Fooks
Assistant : Yatin Mistry
See usual  Schedules
The Mahasi system is challenging, and its emphasis on moment-to-moment mindfulness can prove to be particularly difficult. Carl teaches a gentle approach to the practice, encouraging a skilful and effective orientation that helps practitioners to commit themselves fully to the practice and the schedule, and thereby get the most out of the course.


Autumn Mahasi Retreat
Places Available
   29 Oct. – 20 Nov.
Bhante Bodhidhamma
Assistant(s) : Needed
Preference is given to those who wish to stay for the full three weeks.
The usual schedule and format – see website.

Day Retreat
Kick Start/Top up
Saturday 03 December
Local Assistant : Needed
Arrive 09.30. Finish 17.00
Please bring food to share.

Xmas Retreat
Places Available
Fri. 23 – Tues. 27 December
Assistant : Needed
N.B. This retreat is reserved for those who have completed a Retreat as Satipanya.
The first day will be a normal retreat schedule though we shall rise at 5.30.
An opportunity to make it a day of fasting
in solidarity with the one in nine people undernourished and starving.
The second day, Xmas Day, is a contemplative day
looking at the qualities of gratitude, renunciation and generosity.
During a group event, you will be asked to speak
about an event which manifests the goodness of mankind.
The third day is communal. There is a walk – weather permitting.
Xmas menu will be close to the traditional veggie fare - a set menu!


New Year Retreat
Places Available
Thurs. 29 December to Mon. 02 January
Assistant : Needed
 N.B. This retreat is reserved for those who have completed a Retreat as Satipanya.
The first day will be a normal retreat schedule though we shall rise at 5.30.
An opportunity to make it a day of fasting
in solidarity with the one in nine people undernourished and starving.
On the second day, the Eve, we will see in the New Year.
During a group event, you will be asked to tell us about an event which has had a effect upon you - international, national or local or personal.
We hope to have a bonfire.
A day to reflect on the past year, plenty of time to oneself.
Retreatants will be asked to say a little about an virtuous event chosen by them.
The third day, New Years Day, is communal with a walk – weather permitting.


Encouragements to Awakening : Books are now available from Wisdom Books.
This booklet is being kept at Wisdom Books who very generously will only charge you postage.
Towards the End of Forgiveness (Angulimala Monologue) ‘Sold out’, but can be downloaded from the website: Towards the End of Forgiveness
If you haven't been on Wisdom Book's website, it's worth exploring it. They are THE distributors of Buddhist books in UK. Type in Bodhidhamma in search box to find the books: Wisdom Books
Both are also available as PDF files for eReaders etc.

 I Don’t Like Mondays - Brahma Vihara SOS!

It’s Monday morning. Paul is looking for his cap, anxiously worrying about missing the bus to work. At last he spies it under a bike that’s been dumped near the hall door. “Bloody kids … leaving bikes in the hall” he grumbles, pulling at it roughly to get his cap and almost upsetting the hall table with its vase of roses. “Roses!” he mutters to himself. “What does she want with roses?” He hears Mary angrily berating Suzie and John for being so slow at breakfast. ‘See you tonight!” he shouts over the clamour, opening the front door. The door jams against the bike, which jerks backwards, upsetting the table. The vase of roses shatters on the floor as the bike tips over and collapses under his feet. “Bloody bike … bloody roses!” he yells, trying to disentangle his trousers from the front wheel. Mary and Suzie coming running out to see what the commotion is all about. John stays put, guiltily sniggering into his cornflakes.  “It’s not my bike, daddy” chimes little Suzie “It’s John’s bike. And they’re Mammy’s roses. Look, they’ve got your trousers all wet!” “Never mind his trousers” chides her mum, “Serves him right! That vase cost a fortune!” She pushes Suzie in front of her into the kitchen. “Don’t leave the house without clearing up that mess you’ve made!” she calls over her shoulder before slamming the door behind her. Paul flings the bike out the front door, stomps out after it and slams the door behind him.

The family is in dire need of your Brahma Vihara good wishes! A list of the people making the SOS call and their situation is given below. In each case see can you imagine which Brahma Vihara "Enemy / Enemies" might be troubling them. Then suggest a Brahma Vihara and good wish (or two) which might save the day. Finally imagine how this might have changed things for the better. I've suggested the first couple, you fill in the rest.

SOS Call Enemy / Enemies Brahma Vihara How this may have changed things
Paul worrying Fear Self-compassion “May I be free from anxiety” He may have calmed enough to take better care and avoid the accident.
Paul grumbling at bike Anger Equanimity “May I accept my kids just as they are.”Metta “May they enjoy their bikes and be happy”. A less hostile attitude may have let him see the bike properly and avoid the accident
Paul grumbling over roses      
Mary berating kids      
Paul swearing at bike and roses      
John sniggering      
Suzie chiming “Its not my bike…”      
Mary’s response to incident      
Paul ‘s exit      

N.B. You may not resonate with my suggestions since the most appropriate good wish will vary from person to person. The important thing is to know what good wish would most help you at each point, and what kind of phrase you could use to express this. Please feel free to get back to me with your suggestions or any comments or queries, or if you want to see my suggestions: noirinsheahan@gmail.com

Also if you fail to receive a monthly NEWSBYTE, please, look in spam
or re-establish the email by filling in the form in MAILING LIST at the bottom of the front page of the website.
Many thanks.
Finally, please forward this email if you know someone who may be interested. Thanks.


                                           Ayya Punyanandi / Noirin

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