Online Schedule : Zoom

General Information

These Guided Meditations in Audio Visual and talks for a Personal Retreat may be useful.

If you read comments in Feedback, you will see there is no reason a online retreat cannot be powerful spiritual practice. There is a surprising feeling of a the presence of other people in the group through the medium of Zoom which truly supports the retreatant.

A preliminary meeting some days before the retreat starts.


 Option 1 – Full schedule:

 Intro. to course - First Evening

Refuges and Precepts (Choice of Five or Eight Precepts see below)

Standing and Sitting Meditation


06.00 - 07.30 Sitting meditation, Morning Chant, followed by Q&A

09.00 - 10.00  Sitting meditation

10.00 - 11.00  Walking meditation

11.00 - 12.00    Sitting Meditation


14.00 - 15.00   Sitting Meditation

15.00 - 16.00   Walking Meditation

16.00 - 17.00    Sitting Meditation

Tea and Walking Meditation

18.00 - 18.45 Dhamma Talk  (Download)

18.45 - 19.15    Walking Meditation

19.15 - 20.00    Sitting Meditation

20.00 - 20.30   Walking Meditation

20.30 - 21.10 Sitting, Metta and Joy Practice


Zoom for Interviews

Individual Interviews daily if necessary.

Special support will be given to beginners.


Option 2: Tailoring Schedule to your own situation:   

06.00 – 07.30 Sitting meditation, Morning chant, followed by Q&A

18.00 – 18.45   Dhamma Talk

20.30 - 21.10 Sitting, Joy and Metta Practice

Decide which sessions you are going to sit in between times

and email your commitment.

Book as usual through the website.

Places will be limited to 12 to allow for individual interviews,
so please make a firm commitment before booking.


               Financial Support

We’re not asking for a deposit, but donations would be greatly appreciated as we have had a large drop in  our income.

If you have difficulty submitting the form, please email Marion:

Please note this timetable and other details may be adjusted by teachers.