Anne Michel

Anne Michel has been practising Vipassana meditation since 1973. Having brought up a family, as well as working professionally and maintaining her meditation practice, she has been teaching for 18 years. She deepened her path with many monastic and lay teachers, both in Theravada and Tibetan tradition. Her main teachers have been Ajahn Sumedho and Jack Kornfield. Over the last few years she has trained in Insight Dialogue. Please check out Insight Dialogue Practice

As an an Insight Dialogue and a Vipassana teacher, she has been teaching retreats in the Theravada tradition since 2000 in Switzerland, and in different European countries. Together with her sangha, she has created the Mudita Association They opened a meditation center, Maison Mudita,  in 2016 in the Swiss Alps. Anne teaches in both French and English languages.


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