Discourse on Metta

If you are wise and want to reach the state of peace,

you should behave like this:

You should be upright, responsible, gentle and humble.

You should be easily contented and need only a few things.

You should not always be busy. You should have the right sort of work.

Your senses should be controlled and you should be modest.

You should not be exclusively attached to only a few people.

You should not do the slightest thing that a wise person could blame you for.

You should always be thinking: May all beings be happy.

Whatever living beings there are, be they weak or strong,

big or small, large or slender, living nearby or far away,

those who have already been born and those who have yet to be born,

may all beings without exception be happy.

You should not tell lies to each other.

Do not think that anyone anywhere is of no value.

Do not wish harm to anyone, not even when you are angry.

Just as a mother would protect her only child at the risk of her own life,

So you should let the warmth of your heart go out to all beings.

Let your thoughts of love go through the whole world with no ill-will and no hate.

Whether you are standing, walking, sitting or lying down,

So long as you are awake you should develop this mindfulness.

This, they say, is the noblest way to live.

And if you do not fall into bad ways, but live well and develop insight,

And are no longer attached to all the desires of the senses,

Then truly you will never need to be reborn in this world again.

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