The world is not in a good place.

Now you might say from a Buddhist perspective the world is never in a good place. This is the world of samsara, the forever ongoing driven by acquisitiveness, aversion, fear and delusion.

However, there are times when the world situation fosters peace and prosperity. Such a time at least in Europe was after the Second World War. It took a while, but the new order slowly brought renewal, a new sense of purpose, an established peace between former warring nations and prosperity.

Seventy years on or so, we find the world in a precarious situation. Civil wars, the growing military might of China and its claims based on a fabricated document of no historical value, Russia seizing old territory of the USSR, a proxy war in the Yemen, Syria, Palestine and so on and so on. Here, in Europe an increasingly dissatisfaction with the inequality of wealth, with immigration, the rise of the Far Right which borders on the violent. Then there is an economic system which syphons the money up to the minute rich elite and has no social responsibility, leaving the worker poorer or unemployed and the services such as health and education impoverished. On top of that, there is the impending calamity of climate change.

And we in Europe, small minute individuals, have no power to change anything and can only influence the situation at elections where we see little difference between the parties. So, is it any wonder that many feel despair, the more so if they have children.

What can we do to assuage the fear in our hearts?

It won’t come as a surprise that, first of all, we have to accept the situation as it is. To be as clear about it as we can. And then to receive it, no matter how painful.

We mustn’t allow the mind to proliferate into horror scenarios for this is exercising the very mental states we want to let go of.

Then there is the clear realisation of ‘what can I do’. Trying to get others to behave differently is a fool’s game. You have to offer big sweeteners and have a club ready of they fall back, how else can you get donkeys to move. So, it’s down to us as individuals to take stock of what we can do and to tell others what we are doing so that by our example others may follow.

We can examine our own prejudices, accept them and work against them. We can examine how we spend our money, whether what we are buying is necessary and where the products are being made. We can be pro-active in joining others to protest.

To further lift our spirits, we can bring to mind the huge amount of work being done by Charities, NGO’s and other organisations in all the fields of concern.

It may also be wise to stop the continuous input of bad news and simply keep up with main events.

And finally, to practice Goodwill Meditation and bring to mind also all those who are harming whether consciously or unconsciously.

Many thanks to those to those who gave ideas for this Tip.

Contemplate the good going on

Stop input

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