Whenever I run a day course or start a weekend course, I always give a talk revising the principles of meditation. The talks cover such topics as various techniques, the Hindrances and the Factors of Enlightenment.

I used to have printed copies, free of charge that were distributed by Wisdom Books for the price of the postage. Unfortunately, they had to close and so I have decided to make the paperback available on Amazon which sells at £6.99. That gives Satipanya £1.01 royalty to cover the costs. I don't expect many to be sold, especially since it is the sort of book that works well as an ebook.

There will be a companion to this book called Encouragements to Awakening in Daily Life.

So I have put the various forms here for you to download: PDF, Mobi and Epub


Encouragements to Awakening on Retreat

Encouragements Towards Awakening on Retreat  PDF

Encouragements Towards Awakening on Retreat Kindle

Encouragements Towards Awakening on Retreat Epub