What To Bring


Please download this page with its checklist: what to bring



  • Loose fitting, warm clothes. (Please, don't bring 'noisy' clothes of some modern material.)
  • The mean temperature is held at 19 degrees centigrade.
  • Enough clothing for up to two weeks.
  • Only meditators staying over two weeks will be able to use the washing machine.
  • You can, of course, wash your clothes by hand any time.
  • Outdoor wear to guard against the often inclement Welsh weather.



Please dress modestly: 'not to use clothing that reveals or emphasises the person's figure' OED

For example: women - wear long skirts and loose fitting trousers over leggings; men - when hot not to wear shorts or just vests, but loose fitting shirts

Our attitude should respect the vow of celibacy we all take.



  • Bring single 2 sheets (or 1 fitted sheet and duvet cover) and 2 pillow cases. This saves us time and cost.
  • We supply duvets that normally cover all season but, if you know yourself to be sensitive to cold, please bring an extra sleeping bag or blanket/duvet.
  • Earplugs just in case…



  • Bring everything you need - we will supply soap.
  • Please do not bring perfumes, after shaves or scented ointments.
  • If you use ointments and creams, make sure they are not scented e.g . E45
  • We have installed a bidet in the bathrooms. The hope is that we stop throwing as many trees as we do in the form of paper down the toilet.



Do not bring anything of great value with you. Satipanya cannot recompense any property lost or damaged.


What Not To Bring

 *alcohol, recreational drugs. Habitual smokers may smoke off property.  *musical instruments, radios, mp3 players and ipods;  *jewellery and valuables;     *cosmetics, including scented creams, etc  *‘noisy’ clothes;      *dogs, cats, pet ferrets or any other cuddly creature.

If you cannot resist the mobile, hand it in to the office.



Toiletry            Bedroom                     Clothing
Toothbrush and paste Alarm clock Warm clothing for indoor and outdoor use
Unscented deodorant 2 Sheets Raingear - raincoat, umbrella
Unscented creams (Duvet cover) Outdoor shoes/boots
Shampoo 2 Pillowcases Indoor shoes/slippers
Shaving kit Earplugs An extra pair is handy or thick socks for your room
Sanitary supplies  Torch may be handy
Extra small towel for bidet




*You might like to bring some edible offering especially for breakfast to share with the group :e.g. nuts, marmite, jam, dried fruit - ONE ITEM ONLY PLEASE.​​

Please do not come without pillow cases and sheets! Thanks