Name & Logo


Satipanya is a combination of two words:

sati which means awareness, mindfulness, attention and pañña which refers to our intuitive intelligence.

These are the faculties of the Enlightened Mind.


The logo itself is made up of a stylised lotus flower which is a common symbol for the Buddha's teachings in Burma. There are various numbers of petals depending on which particular teaching the flower is referring to. This one is symbolic of Twenty-Four Conditions (paccaya) of the Patthana, the major chapter of the Abhidhamma, one of the canonical works. The other two canonical works are the Discourses of the Buddha and the Vinaya (Rule) of the monastic order. The round shape of the flower suggests also the Wheel of the Dhamma which is the usual Buddhist symbol

Piercing through the flower are five lines which represent the Five Spiritual Faculties: faith, energy, awareness, concentration and wisdom. These can also be seen as shining outward as the Four Illimitables — love, compassion, joy and equanimity, tempered by wisdom.

The inner white part symbolises the Awakened person as a human being - nibbana in this life.

The black spot in the middle symbolises the Awakened person after death, the total nibbana.

Dependant Origination:


The Wheel is shown with twelve spokes which represent the twelve links of Dependant Origination. Please read this essay for more information on Dependant Origination: