Mahasi Schedules

Usual Day Course Schedule

Usual Weekend Schedule

General information about the different Courses.

These are structured courses of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. It is a challenging course, as you will see from the Schedule, but this can be easily modulated.

It is very important to try and follow the course right through to its completion. Absolute beginners have completed a week's course and found it very fruitful.

Every Mahasi Course ends with the practice of metta (Goodwill) and healing. Then we take a walk together. There is also some time for discussion.

Mahasi Courses finish in the morning on Sunday and on the last Saturday for those staying a further week. Do arrange your travel times to give a clear two hours before you have to catch a train or bus from Shrewsbury. If you are driving it is imperative that you come out of intensive retreat at least half a day beforehand.

If you have any problem with these arrangements, please discuss it with the teacher. As always, exceptions can be made.

On the first three days, we rise at 05.00. Then we follow this schedule which can be modulated to support indivual needs:

0330 rise
0400 sitting
0500 walking
0600 sitting

*** 0700 Breakfast ***
0800 work/walk
0900 sitting
1000 walking
1100 sitting

*** 1200 Lunch ***

1400 sitting
1500 walking
1600 sitting

*** 1700 Tea/walking ***

1800 talk
1845 walking
1930 sitting
2015 walking
2045 sitting
2115 metta

*** Retiraaagh! ***

Note, courses run by other teachers and/or covering other teachings may run to different schedules. Any course that lasts less than a week will have a rising time of 05.00. The calendar will point that out.