Reading Resources

Major Titles within the Mahasi Tradition:

There are many books written by the Mahasi Sayadaw, but the main ones on his technique are:

  • Practical Insight Meditation
  • The Progress of Insight

See this site for more books written by the Mahasi Sayadaw:


Other excellent books:

  • Insight Meditation: J.Goldstein - Most excellent for the beginner and long distance meditator - a small classic.
  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Ven.U Silananda - A very good beginnersÕ book on the Discourse on How to establish Mindfulness.
  • In this Very Life: Sayadaw U Pandita - Perhaps for those who have practised for a while.
  • Heart of Buddhist Meditation: Nyanaponika Thera - Still the classic!
  • Satipatthana - The Direct Way to Realisation: Ven. Analayo - This is a more academic approach, but the best book on the Discourse on How to establish Mindfulness by a long way. Good for those who know a bit of Dhamma.
  • The Seven Stages of purification and the Insight Knowledges: Nanarama Mahathera - Be careful with this one! It sets out in the best way I know the progress through the 'vipassana knowledges'. But, if you make these you aims in meditation, youÕre sunk before you start! Best to read it to instill faith in the process, then forget it!


Very short list of books in other areas of interest:

Basic Buddhist Doctrine:

  • What the Buddha Taught: Walpola Rahula - Still the classic first read book.
  • The Buddha's Ancient Path: Piyadassi Thera - Again a first read book, but more fleshed out.


Further Study:


Meditation in Daily Life:

  • When Things Fall Apart: Pema Chodron
  • Everyday Zen: Charlotte Joko Beck


Doctrine - Theravada and Mahayana:

  • Introduction to Buddhism: Peter Harvey


Loving Kindness:

  • Loving Kindness: S.Salzberg

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You can view many books on the Wisdom Books website.

Large List for Beginners and Established