Our recipes are suitable for vegans. SATIPANYA RECIPES


Note from Trustees

We feel there are compelling reasons to reduce the use of animal products.

Even though the Buddha himself made no ruling as to the consumption of animal products, he made it clear that animals suffer.

These days added to the suffering of animals in factory farming, is the hunger of human-beings, an estimated one billion, which could be alleviated, should arable land no longer be used for meat, milk and cheese.

Furthermore, the production of co2 from production, methane from digestion and nitrous oxide from manure is the second biggest source of global warming gases - 18% compared to 13.5% caused by transport.

Therefore, the centre will reduce its dependence on animal products.

Satipanya will not be providing milk, cheese, eggs or any products containing these.
We will, of course, be providing a full, nutritionally rich diet as normal.

Retreatants are, however, free to bring such items themselves to be shared with the group.

Please note : We are willing to try to accommodate meditators with simple food allergies. You can ask on the Application Form.

Attendance by those with specific dietary requirements, other than Gl, is entirely dependent upon the ability of the Assistant to deal with their issues & that attendance at one retreat does not mean definite attendance at another retreat.