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Approaching the Dhamma (posted May '13)

The Buddha from Birth to First Teaching

Section One : Pali Words

In this section you will find short defintions of the most common Pali words.

Parami - The Perfections

09. Metta Love (Goodwill/Loving Kindness) and 10. Upekkha Equanimity

are dealt with in the Brahmavihara below.

Brahmavihara - Sublime Abodes : The Illimitables

The Refuges

Khanda - The Aggregates

Paticca Samuppada - Dependent Origination

Section Two : The Discourses

In this section, the talks are short introductory expositions of the major Discourses.
I shall be using the excellent anthology compiled by Bhikkhu Bodhi - In the Buddha's Words

The First Discourse: The Turning of the Wheel of the Law.

The Second Discourse on Not-Self.

Section Three : Talks on:
In The Buddha's Words by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Chapter I : The Human Condition.

Chapter IV : The Happiness Visible in the Present Life - Buddha's Teaching for Lay People.