Full Moon Observance Day

Sunday Evenings from 20.00 - 21.00

The Buddhist Calendar runs on the ancient Moon cycle and it has always been
customary to use the Full Moon days as a time to reflect upon the Dhamma
and renew our commitment to the Refuges and Precepts.

There will be a short talk on one of the subjects listed below. Then 30 min. sitting. We shall end with a short reflection on the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. Then people can take the Refuges and Precepts at whatever their level of commitment. We will finish with
reading and then chanting of the Metta Goodwill Sutta.

We shall clebrate the Full Moon on the nearest Sunday since this is one evening most people would be available.

A reminder will be sent a few days before, but do put the dates in your diary anyway.

Full Moons and Subject Matter

Jan 28      Resolution and Joy
Feb 27      Compassion
Mar 28     Gratitude, Generosity and Renunciation                                                                                   Video                Stream/Download mp3

Apr 25      Spiritual Faculties & Factors of Enlightenment, focusing on Confidence                           Video                Stream/Dowload mp3

May 23     Buddha Day – sharing with Pain Dei Ciliegi in Italy again   -the Nine Qualities of the Buddha. Video   Stream/Download mp3

Jun 27      Four Noble Truths
Jul 25       Dukkha and Sila
Aug 22     Desire and Dependent Origination
Sep 19      Kamma and Rebirth
Oct 17      Right Livelihood
Nov 21     10 Perfections
Dec 19      Metta Goodwill