Hui Hui Ng

Hui started meditating in 2003, initially focusing on Metta Bhavana meditation. She met Bhante Bodhidhamma in 2006, with whom she started practising Vipassanā in the Mahasi tradition. Some years later, she also started practising with Sayadaw U Vivekananda and Sayalay Daw Baddamanika at Panditarama Lumbini Meditation Centre, Nepal.

She continues to spend 3-4 months a year on intensive Vipassana retreat either at Satipanya Buddhist Retreat Centre, or in Nepal at the Panditarama Lumbini Meditation Centre. She has also spent some months practising Jhana in the Pa Auk tradition, with Sayadaw U Revata in Burma, and attends teachings with Tibetian teacher Yongye Mingyur Rinpoche.

Hui is a Hatha Yoga teacher, and has been teaching since 2006.


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