Personal Retreat

Personal and Virtual Group Retreat

This page is for practitioners who want to practice on their own or with a virtual group.

Contact Bhante Bodhidhamma for assistance:


Download the Puja Book. It not only has the chanting, if you want to join in, but also directions about meditation. There is a passage, Vipassana Guidelines, you might read everyday to remind you of the purpose of your practice. This is followed by Establishing Satipanya which is  a quick reminder of various techniques to maintain mindfulness.


Go to the eBooks page and download the two books you find there.

Here you will find short passages that give advice on how to practice: Encouragements to Awakening on Retreat

Here you will find short passages that give advice on how to bring your practice into ordinary daily life: Encouragements to Awakening in Daily Life

The First Evening

Start the course by listening to one of these recordings.

There is a download option on the stream in the three dots to the side.

  • 1. Starting a Retreat
    This is the full introduction with Refuges and Precepts.
    You can start with the video if preferred - see below.
  • Introduction to just Standing and Sitting Meditation (No Refuges and Precepts) Starting a Retreat without Refuges and Precepts.

The Second Day:

To complete the introduction, at the first sitting after breakfast,

If possible read this essay before Breakfast, but definitely before Lunch and you might find the reflections of use also.

The Following Days:

Follow the sequence of Talks:

On the second evening, watch this video to understand what the Buddha meant by Right Awareness and how to achieve it - a video

Then a talk every evening:

At this point, depending on how long you are staying, you may need to listen to other talks.

On the last evening, you can listen to:

During the retreat, you may want to listen to these:

You will find other exercises on Audio & Video

Starting a Retreat: Introduction to Standing and Sitting Meditation.


Click on Resources and Dhamma Talks for more material.