All the written work is download in pdf files.

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  1. Refuges  and Precepts
  2. Puja: Chantings
  3. Recommended Reading for Beginners

Daily Life

Also available for download in PDF format or in MS Word format
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Essays by Bhante Bodhidhamma:

  1. Neoliberalism and BuddhaDhamma
  2. Investigative Eating
  3. Reflections on the Teaching and Practice of Not-self
  4. Vipassana as taught by the Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma
  5. Is Armed Intervention Ever Justified?
  6. Free will: is it available or useful?
  7. Could I be a fundamentalist, even a terrorist?
  8. Perfection, Elitism and Excellence
  9. What benefit is there in becoming a temporary monastic?
  10. The ‘Unlucky’ Death of a Two Year Old Boy
  11. Expectation, Aspiration and Hope
  12. Assisted Suicide (PDF document)
  13. Vipassana, Therapy and Medicinal Drugs (PDF document)
  14. Conditionality and Kamma(PDF document)
  15. Affectionate Awareness.
  16. Climate Crisis A Personal Reflection

Introductory essays about Buddhism by Bhante Bodhidhamma:

  1. The First Noble Truth of Suffering -- Dukkha
  2. The First Noble Truth of Suffering -- The Five Aggregates
  3. The First Noble Truth of Suffering -- The Three Characteristics
  4. The Second Noble Truth -- Desire
  5. The Second Noble Truth -- The Wheel of Dependent Origination
  6. The Second Noble Truth -- Kamma Vipaka
  7. The Fourth Noble Truth -- Morality
  8. The Fourth Noble Truth -- Perfections
  9. The Fourth Noble Truth -- Right Understanding
  10. The Fourth Noble Truth -- Mental Development
  11. Meditation in Ordinary Daily Life

Satipanya - the Retreat

  1. How Satipanya Buddhist Retreat Came About
  2. Opening Day Celebration
  3. The Guests at the Opening Ceremony


Buddha Day Evening with Italy