Recent Talks

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    • 2019:

      • Q&A Resistance Rebirth and Moral Justice What suffers Mindfulness Apps Spiritual Attainments
      • 01 The Body - The Buddha's World View and the role of Materiality (rupa) Download
      • 02 The Body - Kayagasati Sutta MN131 Download
      • Feeling (vedana) Download
      • Dependent Origination leading to awakening in ordinary Daily life. Download
      • Buddha Day Address 2019  :  How the Buddha came to to teach ethics and transcendence.
      • Download

        Discourse on the Highest Blessings

      • Download


      • Ethics, Not-self and Liberation Download
      • Roads to Power Download
      • New Year address on the qualities needed to succeed : The Roads to Success.  Download
      • The First Discourse on Turning the Wheel of the Dhamma.    Download
      • Scientism : Romanticism : Psychotherapy - and Buddhadhamma Download

        There is a lot on the web if you google - scientism.
        Some books I found especially useful:
        Scientism. A Word we Need By John Crowburn SJ. Especially useful to people like me who know virtually nothing about science. Though pitched towards Roman Catholics, I did not find it biased when compared to other books I read.
        Yval N.Harari two books: Sapiens and Homo Deus retell the whole human story and where we may be heading. Fascinating and again for the general reader. It through this work I finally under stood this mysterious word - algorithm.
        Romanticism by Thanissaro Bhikkhu is downloadable free from the website and is a detailed analysis of how Romantic ideology has obscured Buddhadhamma for westerners.
        I have not found a book that delineates Buddhadhamma from psychotherapy. The two are intertwined, but the aim is different.

        Ted Talk David Chalmers on How to Explain Consciousness 

      • Kamma, Rebirth and Transcendence : A top down view of the Buddhadhamma. Download

        Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation - Ian Stevenson

      • The Discourse to the Kalama : Discernment, the Ethical Life and Fake News Download


      • Buddha Day Address: What was the mindset of the Bodhisatta when he left his family and what made him carry on?   Download
      • Spiritual progress - stop trying!   Download
      • What is vedana and where does it fit in? Download
      • The Need for Sangha. community and Q's about Ordinary Daily Life.  Download


      • Mae Chee Kaew and Resolutions. Download
      • The Three Characteristics. Download
      • Buddha Day Address May 2015. Download
      • Deconstruction. Download
      • Love and All That. Download
      • Ethics Not-self and Liberation Download

      Some of these talks sometimes cover similar ground to past talks, but hopefully show another angle or explain a different facet of the teachings.


      • Contol and loss of Power. Download
      • Q&A Detachment Engagement Motivation Devotion. Download
      • Basics for Meditation. Download
      • Kamma Revisited. Download
      • Daily Life Reinforced. Download
      • Refinement,Sublimation and the Eightfold Path. Download
      • No Inherent Being. Download
      • Kamma and Free Will. Download
      • Comments on a Statement by Mae Chee Kaew. Download
      • Reiki 10 06 2015. Download
      • Intro Talk to Bodycare Download
      • Dependent Origination and the Quality of Right Awareness. Download
      • Talk at the Re-opening of the Golden Buddha Centre in Totnes. Download
      • The Prognosis is Very Good. Download


      • Importance of Resolution plus Download
      • Christmas Talk re the Path Download
      • Right Relationship Download
      • How to critique the Dhamma and Buddha Download
      • An Attempt to Understand the teaching of Not-Self Download
      • Talk to the European Teachers Meeting How I came to establish a non-community. Download


      • Happiness Download

        Click for handout: Towards Well-Being

      • The Body and the Discourse on How to Establish Right Awareness. Download
      • Christmas Talk re the Path. Download
      • Right Relationship. Download
      • Q.&A session:  Family Distractions : Selfish to Meditate : Negative Emotions : Suffering on  Identification Download
      • Mindfulness : Time Download
      • Monks : Daily Life : Not-Self Download
      • Retreats : Attachment : Children and Suffering Download


      • New Year Revision of Buddhadhamma Theory and Practice Download
      • Hope to Inspire Download
      • Talk at Opening of centre in Ghent Download
      • The Problem of Identity. Download
      • The body as Meditative Object. Download

        The talk above has the last few minutes missing, but makes the main points.

      Gaia House Retreat 2011

      • 1. Starting a Retreat Download
      • 2. Right Awareness Vipassana Download
      • 3. The Mahasi Technique Download
      • 4. The Hindrances The Psychotherapy of Vipassana Download
      • 5. The Seven Factors of Awakening Download
      • 6. The Ethical Psychology of the Buddha Download
      • 7. The Law of Kamma Download
      • 8. Living Life according to the Dhamma Download
      • The Principles and Problems of Vipassana Download
      • Not-Self Indulgence and all Download
      • Impulsive or Spontaneous Download
      • The Body and the Three Characteristics Download
      • Why noting without stop Download
      • Why we need a technique Download
      • Subliminal Inclinations, Defilements and Hindrances Download
      • Questions and Answers A Dolly Mixture Download
      • Importance of Metta 24 min Download

        These two talks on Kamma are much the same but have a different ending or emphasis.
        May be worth listening to both after an interval of time between.

      • The Kamma of Liberation Download
      • The Karma Concerning Liberation Download


      • Dignity and the Qualities of a Ruler Download
      • Practice in Ordinary Daily Life Download
      • Samatha-Vipassana Download
      • Vipassana and or Therapy Download
      • Buddha Day Address with Refuges and Precepts Download
      • Daily Rythms; Fetters, Hindrances and Inclinations; Rebirth Download
      • Metta, Applied and Sustained Thought, Buddhamind Download
      • Equanimity - Foundation of all Virtue Download
      • The Mahasi Method Download
      • The Sufferings of the Pleasure Syndrome Download
      • There is no separation between vipassana and ordinary daily life Download
      • Q & A Rebirth Identification Emotions etc. Download
      • Why didn't the Buddha return to lay life Download
      • Revising the principles of vipassana Download
      • Dukkha Unsatisfactoriness et al Download
      • Encouragement October 09 Download
      • The practice and the pitfalls of metta, goodwill practice Download


      • How Vipassana relates to Daily Life Download
      • Samatha and - or Vipassana Download
      • Metta: Developing Goodwill Download
      • Karma, Dependent Origination, Virtue and Liberation Download
      • Enthusiam and other questions Download
      • Faith and the Spiritual Life Download
      • Revising the principles of vipassana Download
      • The Buddha's Quest - A Public Talk Download
      • The Gratification, the Danger and the Escape Download
      • The problem lies in the looking Download
      • There is no reason for being! Download
      • Towards a whole life practice Download