Guus Went


Guus Went (Netherlands, 1952) started practicing Dhamma in 1980 (Mahasi tradition). The immediate effect on his life was immense, seeing fundamental changes in his relationship to study, work, family and friends.

From 1990 to 1994 he lived as a monk in the then flourishing Buddhayana Centre (Ven. Dhammawiranatha) in his home country, and as a staff member until the centre’s closure in 2001.

Societal life afterwards, however, didn’t prove to be too satisfactory to him.

In 2007, he discovered on the internet the newly founded Satipanya Buddhist Retreat. He practised under the guidance of Bhante Bodhidhamma during a three months winter retreat and some smaller ones. Bhante referred him to the German monk, U Vivekananda (Panditarama Lumbini).

In 2009 Guus started to work as a Mindfulness Trainer (Jon Kabat-Zinn style). Since 2011 he started conducting Five Day retreats as a follow up for the 8-weeks Mindfulness trainings for those who wanted to go deeper into the Dhamma.

The past two winters he has spent at the Forest Monastery of Sayadaw U Pandita in Myanmar on 60 day retreats. He means to continue doing so every winter.

Right Effort

The Five Hindrances (I)

The Five Hindrances (II)



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