How Satipanya is financed

We follow the ancient tradition of Dana : an economy based on generosity.

Everything you receive at the centre has already been funded by the generosity of others.

There is, therefore, no need to 'pay' for anything.

So whatever you give will be for the benefit of others.

After your retreat, you can determine how much you wish to support others in their practice.

We ask you to take on responsibility for the financial welfare of Satipanya and give what your means will allow you.

Even though, Satipanya is a small centre, we still have overheads much as larger ones. So that costs still run at about £40 per person per night for those who come on retreat.

If you are in employment, please give as generously as you can. This will help cover the costs of those wishing to attend who may not be able to offer very much.


If you wish to be a sustaining  donor, the best way to support Satipanya is to establish a regular standing order no matter how small. This assures us of a regular income and allows us to plan for the future.

If you are a UK tax payer you might wish to make a Gift Aid declaration, which would enable Gift Aid to be claimed whether on a one off donation or a standing order.

If you are attending a day course or evening class, whatever support you give will be greatly appreciated.

For further information: Donations

Many thanks.

Richard Benjamin


The Satipanya Buddhist Trust is independently examined financial accounts provide details of the charity's annual running costs.

The accounts can be accessed at the Charity Commission website – on the home page select: Find Charities, enter the Satipanya Buddhist Trust in the search box, click and then select the registered charity. On the Satipanya page select 'view accounts', which should provide links to the accounts from 2008.

The Benefits of Dana - Generosity

Generosity brings joy to the heart.

We wish another to receive the benefits of the practice

Expresses our compassion to help someone to be free of suffering.

Selfless giving unburdens the heart of attachment and possessiveness.

To give unconditionally of time and wealth is itself a path to liberation.


Satipanya converts your financial gift into the gift of the Dhamma to all who ask for it.