Since the teachings are priceless, they are offered freely.

Considering the value of the teachings and how the practice brings such benefit to our lives

out of gratitude and and the compassionate desire to share them with others,

we offer dana: a spontaneous act of generosity.

Whatever you give is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


PayPal is now our preferred way of receiving donations both from UK and overseas donors.

We chose Paypal because it has the most generous terms for Charities, charging 1.5% plus 20p per transaction whether a debit or credit card is used. And we also note that other Buddhist organisations use them such as

The button below  will take you to the secure PayPal website, where you can make your donation by credit or debit card.

You do not need to be signed up to PayPal to pay this way.

However, before you make the donation, if you have filled in a Gift Aid Form for us at any time in the past and still pay income tax, before you donate please tick this box: 

If you need to fill in a Gift Aid Form, see the next section below.

This Donate button will take you to PayPal's secure gateway.

If you don't want to use your PayPal account or you don't have a PayPal account, simply scroll to the bottom of that page and click continue to pay with a card.

A Regular Donation

We depend very much on these gifts to complete all our constructions, renovations and other projects.

The PayPal button, which can be used to make a one off donation, also makes it very simple to give regularly on an ongoing basis by ticking the 'Make this recurring (monthly)' box in PayPal.

Even a small donation of a £1 a week is a worthy gift.

Thank you.

Your generous donations allow us to continue to offer these teachings to others.

Gift Aid

If you pay UK tax, we will be able to claim gift aid.

So that we can do this, please print and complete the Single Gift Aid Form and send it to us at the address below.  The Tax Office will not accept e-copies.

Alternatively, if you are unable to do this email and we will send you a Gift Aid form and S.A.E.

Please note: deposits for courses are not gift-aidable, but all other donations you make are gift-aidable.


Bank Transfers

It is, of course, still possible to make donations via Internet Banking.

Unfortunately because bank details have been used by thieves, for bank details you will need to contact the Treasurer:

Richard Benjamin

When using Internet Banking, please make sure you enter your surname and the retreat you are booking for in advice to payee.
And please send an email confirming your deposit or donation to:
This would be really helpful. Many thanks.



You can also pay by cheque, payable to Satipanya Buddhist Trust.


Bank Mandates

You may prefer to make a regular donation with a Standing Order.

Again , you will need to contact the Treasurer:

Richard Benjamin

If you wish to do this by post, please download this Bank Mandate Form and send it to your bank.

If you pay UK tax, we would ask you to print and complete this Bank Mandate Gift Aid Form and return it to The Treasurer at Satipanya.


Everyclick raises money for Charities every time you shop.

All mail should be addressed to:

The Treasurer


White Grit


Shrops. SY5 0JN, U.K.


Every legacy, no matter what value, is vital and will make a real difference to the fund raising activities of the Satipanya Buddhist Trust.

Your Will is probably one of the most important documents you will - ever sign. It is the only way you can make your intentions crystal clear. Simply tell your professional advisor how much you wish to leave to the Trust. He/she will then be able to advise you on the most beneficial method and help you complete a Codicil.

If you are making your own Will, you will need to add a paragraph or a simple document as a 'Codicil', stating your intentions, making sure to add the full name, charity number and address of the Trust. You must sign it and it must be witnessed and signed by two other people at the same time. The two witnesses cannot in any way be beneficiaries to your Will.

Do remember that any legacy to the Trust will be tax free and you will know that you will be supporting a Buddhist Meditation Centre, dedicated to the promulgation of Buddha Dhamma.

If you decide to leave a legacy please contact our Treasurer.

The registered office is: Satipanya, White Grit, Minsterley, Shropshire SY5 0JN