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Please note we do not offer personal retreats. We suggest

It is important that you read the How to Book page, even if you have been to Satipanya before, please do so before filling out the form: How to Book

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Please Note that the daily deposit rate of £20 covers most of our basic costs. To cover other daily expenses, unexpected expenses and the Appeal for a Manager's Lodging, the Trust asks you to consider a donation of £25 a day. A further donation will also be welcome for any visiting teacher. For further information, Financing Satipanya

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Read our Cancellation Policy here.


People may have all sorts of reasons for not staying for the full course. They may have plausible reasons to leave early. Even so if you know you cannot stay the course, please do NOT come. If you do come, you may be denying someone a full course.

These are the reasons for staying the whole course:

Firstly, the group creates an atmosphere of support. It is selfish to take only what one wants. Others need our support as we do theirs. It can be discouraging to see people leave, often without being able to say goodbye because of the rules of silence. As the group loses members so does its energy lessen. This is more evident when the group is small. There it is a responsibility, driven by metta/care, not to abandon a group.

Secondly, this entails developing the Sacca Parami, the Perfection of honesty. Part of this virtue is that one completes a commitment save in extraordinary circumstance or emergency. Keeping to our word is necessary in any walk of life, let alone for spiritual development.

Thirdly, a course is designed to be completed. There are exercises at the end which help vipassana insights be translated into relationships and daily life.

Many thanks.


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    Please Note: This retreat is being offered for attendance at Satipanya only. If it is not possible to run the retreat at Satipanya, then it will be cancelled.

    Please Note: This retreat is being offered online only.

    This retreat is being offered for attendance at Satipanya.

    Do you wish to follow the course online or attend in-person at Satipanya?

    If we are unable to offer a residential place, would you like to follow online?

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    Have you attended a full week's Mahasi meditation course led by Bhante Bodhidhamma, Noirin Sheahan, or Carl Fooks?

    Please say with whom and how long ago.

    Have you practised any form of meditation?

    Please give some indication of the practises and with whom.

    Diet & Health

    Please note the diet is vegan. You can see the recipes here. Please read these to see if our diet would be suitable for you.

    We can usually only deal with common intolerances such as gluten. Do you have a dietary allergy or intolerance that you think we might be able to cater for?

    Please provide specific details

    Do you have any physical disabilities we need to be aware of? Please note that our facilities are not suited for severe disabilities.

    Please provide specific details

    Have you a serious medical condition, suffered from a mental illness, or attempted suicide?

    Please email the relevant teacher either to describe your condition or to ask them to phone you. You need to do this as soon as you apply for a course.

    Teacher Email Links:

    All information is strictly confidential.

    If you are particularly concerned with confidentiality, it is best to phone. The teacher will give you their phone number once you contact them by email.


    You MUST have attended at least one weeklong retreat at Satipanya or another Buddhist centre in order to be eligible to apply to assist. Please read about the duties of the resident assistant before applying.

    As the resident assistant for a retreat, we do not expect payment of the deposit or offer of a donation because you have kindly offered your time. However, any further dāna by you is always very welcome.

    Please note: Your commitment is essential, for the course would be very difficult to run without an assistant and may indeed have to be cancelled.

    When there is no assistant, if possible, these duties are shared among the retreatants. For more info. see Service at Satipanya.

    Do you have previous residential retreat experience, have read and understood the duties, and want to come as the Assistant?

    Other Details

    If travelling by car, are you able to offer a lift to other retreatants?

    Is this your first application for an event with Satipanya?

    Please tell us how you came to hear about us
    Word of mouthSaw a teacher at a different locationGoogle search/websiteOther

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    I have read and accept the Code of Conduct and all other information on the How to Book page and agree to abide by it while at Satipanya.

    I have read how the centre is financed by donations save only for the non-refundable deposit fee of £15 a day for residential retreats to cover basic costs.

    I understand that my place on residential courses will not be confirmed until the deposit has been received. (You will receive an invoice from Paypal. Please remember this is not refundable unless we have to cancel the course.)

    I confirm that I have read and agree to all the above statements.