The Satipanya Buddhist Trust is grounded in the Buddhist Tradition of Theravada
as practised in South-East Asia.

Satipanya is located in Powys, Wales, in UK, south of Shrewsbury and near the Shropshire border.

We run retreats devoted to contemplative living and vipassana insight meditation
in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.

'Satipanya is a combination of two words:
sati which means awareness, mindfulness, attention and panya which refers to our intuitive intelligence.
These are the faculties of the Enlightened Mind.' Bhante Bodhidhamma - Spiritual Director.

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Short talks

Mainly commenting on

In the Buddha’s Words by Bhikkhu Bodhi


Perennial Topics

Rebirth : NDE : Euthanasia : Animal Ethics



Serving the Dhamma




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Stupa Blessing

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Extension to Vihara
Meditation Room and Walking Room

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Calendar for 2014

Bhante Bodhidhamma

Work Retreat

Sat. 01 – Sun. 14 March

Day Course

Sat. 15th March

Initial Blessing of New Extension

Vipassana : Metta : Bodycare

with Bryan Lester Reiki Master

Sat 22 - Sun 30 March

Easter Mahasi Course

Sat.12 - Sun 20 April

Contemplative Retreat

Sat.26 Apr.- Sun.04 May

Buddha Day Celebration

Sat.03 May

Linda van Neck

Mahasi Retreat

Sat.10 May – Sun. 18 May

Bhante Bodhidhamma

Teacher Training Week

Sat.07 – Sun 15 June 

Seventh Anniversary Celebrations

Sat. 14 June

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