December Newsbyte

Dear Friends
Wishing you a Fruitful Christmas and Festive Season

A time to refresh and renew the bonds of our relationships.


If we have good friendship, good companionship, good comradeship,
then we can expect to cultivate the Eightfold Path because of that support.
(SN 45:2)



I hope this Newsbyte  finds you all well and happy!
A full description of courses on the website.
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Calendar 2016

All the courses will be serviced by a Course Assistant

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Intimate Relationships: The Erotic, the Romantic and Love

It’s all become very busy at present. We are putting the final touches to a new website. We’re trying to set a new mailing system that cleans itself and gives people an easier way to subscribe or not. And we need to finalise the building project.
We were a little disappointed at the initial quotes, yet to be confirmed,  of around £150K for the new annexe of eight single rooms, but we should get VAT relief. That just about makes it possible to build next summer. Anyway I shall keep you up to date. 
So it’s Christmas and New Year – again. We have the usual courses here. There is occasion to rejoice. I hope you’ve all had a fruitful year – even if it’s been hard. So I wish you all joyous celebrations.


Still places:

Xmas Retreat Weds. 23 – Sun. 27 December
New Year Retreat Tues. 29 December to Sat. 02 January           


New Website! And Mailchimp: We hope to start our new website very soon.

​which ​is a way to keep the address book manageable. You’ll be asked to sign up for the Newsbyte if you want to receive it on a monthly basis. Unfortunately it’s all one mailing list, so if you don’t sign up for Newsbyte, you’ll have to go to the website for any other postings you may be interested in.

Any feedback on the website, especially glitches, wrong spelling, lack of clarity etc., most welcome! 


This Radio 4 programme begins to explore the non-religious reasons for not killing animals. But I haven’t posted this to warn you off meat this Christmas! What struck me about the programme was the attitude of the presenter, Jo Fidgen and othersMeat eatersyet feeling that perhaps its wasn't the right thing to do. But would they consider giving up meat eating?

Does make you feel a little gloomy about the future of human animals as well as the planet. Hate to be a Jeremiah at Christmas of all times!

Analysis on the Moral Dilemma of Meat Eating

Slavery Today. Beware what we buy.   More slaves today then ever before


Karuna Book: Every morning at puja we call the names of those who a sick /dying or having a hard time. 

Mudita Book: Every evening at puja we call the names of those who have something to rejoice about.

The Complete Calendar for 2015


​A​ll the courses will be serviced by
​ ​assistants
​ ​

since there is no facilitator. This will be the first time that women can also come and offer service.

 As an assistant, we do not expect payment of the deposit because you have kindly offered your time.

And as usual any further dana by you is entirely in your gift.

However, your commitment is essential, for the course would be very difficult to run

without an assistant and may indeed have to be cancelled.


For info. about Retreats and teachers see website

See drop down menus: especially About Us, Teachings and Retreats


All Retreats run by Bhante Bodhidhamma

unless otherwise stated  


Xmas Retreat

Weds. 23 – Sun. 27 December

Assistant Diana Jones  


N.B. This retreat is reserved for those who have completed a Retreat as Satipanya.

The first day will be a normal retreat schedule though we shall rise at 5.30.

An opportunity to make it a day of fasting,

in solidarity with those who

​are ​malnourished and starving


The second day, Xmas Day, is a contemplative day

looking at the qualities of gratitude, renunciation and generosity.

During a group event, you will be asked to speak 

about an event which manifests the goodness of mankind.

The third day is communal. There is a walk – weather permitting.

Xmas menu will be close to the traditional veggie fare - a set menu!


New Year Retreat

Tues. 29 December to Sat. 02 January

Assistant Anne Ashton


 N.B. This retreat is reserved for those who have completed a Retreat as Satipanya.

The first day will be a normal retreat schedule though we shall rise at 5.30.

An opportunity to make it a day of fasting.

in solidarity with those who

are​ malnourished and starving

On the second day, the Eve, we will see in the New Year.

During a group event, you will be asked to tell us about an event which has had a effect upon you - international, national or local or personal.

We hope to have a bonfire.

A day to reflect on the past year, plenty of time to oneself.

Retreatants will be asked to say a little about an virtuous event chosen by them.

The third day, New Years Day, is communal with a walk – weather permitting.


Winter Retreat 

10-17 January

Assistant: Jim Tibby

The usual schedule and format – see website.


Tip o’ the Day


Intimate Relationships: The Erotic, the Romantic and Love

The erotic is truly pleasurable. There is something about fleshy pleasures – eating, drinking, sex, swimming and so on which have a groundedness that is palpable in a way that mental states are not. So much so that the erotic can be isolated from romantic feelings and love. It is choosy and wants only what conventionally conforms to physical beauty or as near as can without slipping into disgust. It becomes self-seeking and in so doing turns the other into an object to gratify its lust. Lust is sexual greed and like greed consumes the other or wishes to be consumed. The other as commodity. Hence obsession and pornography and when mixed with darker motives sexual crime, some of which sinks into insanity.

Romance is the eroticism of the heart. It is the touching of two personalities. It is equally choosy, but unlike sexual activity which is usually too short, the flight of romantic feelings can tinge days with kaleidoscopic delight. To be in the beloved’s company, indeed to even bring them to mind, jets the lover into the seventh heaven. And such is the sweetness of it, that this also becomes a self-seeking aim. Again the other becomes an object, a commodity, to be consumed in or by. And it blinds to the fuller personality of the beloved, which when it peaks through the gossamer veil, punctures and often utterly deflates. If unrequited, it then turns vengeful, at times crimes of passion or despair to suicide.

Love roots itself in the personhood of the other. In their humanity in all its fullness. Their beingness. It reaches beyond the pleasurable or the delightful to a commitment that may demand sacrifice. For better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in health and in sickness. And it has no time restriction. To love and cherish till death do us part. For it is a renewed commitment from moment to moment. Difficult!

It is only when both are embedded in love can the erotic and romantic play their roles of full-filling at times the whole intimate relationship with physical pleasure and heart’s delight.



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