Seasonal Greetings 2016


Seasonal Greetings


Wishing you all a Happy and Fruitful Christmas Time


Just a personal message of gratitude


to all those who have in some way given to the Satipanya project

trustees, co-ordinators, donors and helpers — and builders!




to all those who have benefited for you are the purpose of this centre.


Peace and Joy!


Relentlessly Onward!




Please Note: 

We are full for the celebration of my birthday on Sunday, 08 January, but you can tune into live broadcast and maybe even connect up with us on Skype

if a few can get together somewhere with good broadband.  

​ ​

For further info:


Broadcast Web Address 

Broadcast will have started by noon.


Still images relating to the celebration will be shown till 14.00 after which it will be live from the meditation hall till 4pm. And perhaps a little longer.


Hope you can tune in wherever you are.

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